Holy Musical, Batman!


You arleady appear more comfortable around his mum then his dad. Whys that?

Because his mom actually likes me :’)

Or at least she seems to


Sleeping in separate rooms? Oh no! How will you and Ink do the dirty with his parents in the house? :(

You know we don’t NEED sex to be happy right?

But the addition of parents does make it all the more exciting B)))))



… !

-promptly grabs the bags and helps set them down-

Issac, you never told me what a charming young man Devin’s grown up to be!

M-Mom, please… That’s obvious.

…Oh! Issac, my baby, how silly of me! -pulls him into a tight hug-

-tenses up but reluctantly returns the embrace- Missed you, too…

-pulls away and smiles- We can get all caught up in the morning, darlin’, I promise. Right now, though, me and your father need to be getting sleep; the plane ride here was downright awful! Didn’t get an ounce of rest.

Oh, uh, yeah. I-I understand…

Devin, hon’, it’s far too late to head home now, why don’t you stay the night? I’ll treat you to a homemade breakfast, too.~

That’s a very kind offer, Mrs. Inkwell, thank you. You guys should certainly rest up, plane trips are just the worst, we have a long one ahead of us too, huh Issac? 

-pokes him playfully-

But I’m sure Issac can tell you all about everything you missed while working. I have to leave in the morning to do some more packing for school, but I most definitely would not miss your breakfast for the world~ 



-tempted to follow after him- …

…Your mother told me.

…..Told you what, e-exactly?? -nervously adjusts hat-

What you’ve been up to. With the Daniels boy. I’m not exactly… fond of it, but I’ve had plenty of time to come to terms with it.

O-Oh… so y-you’re not.. mad?

I’m not the happiest father, no. You were with that… troubled teenager before we left. I was hoping that it was a ‘phase’. I suppose that’s not the case.

Not… really, no. And Devin is nothing like him. But thank you.. for not disowning me o-or anything…

Of course. You may not be completely heterosexual, but you are still an Inkwell. I only wish that the family name could be carried on…

…It still can be, you know. It’s not like it’s ending, just because I’m with Devin.

-quiet chuckle- Unless you plan on somehow marrying the boy, I don’t think it will be possible, Issac.


-struggles back into the house covered in bags-

I know, ha, it’s been a long time!


Issac help, these are going to crush me



-stares down at Devin for a long moment before carefully accepting the handshake- Likewise.

You remember the Daniels family, right…? They lived across from us at the lakehouse…

Yes, how could I forget. Um… Derick?


Of course. Devin. Apologies, it’s been years. Is your mother still as snappy as she was back then?


Hah… yeah. 

-shuffles slightly-

Um, I’ll go help your mom, Issac.

-sneaks past them and into the garage-


-tenses when hearing the garage open-

…. -looks around the livingroom and kitchen one more time-

-kisses Devin before approaching the garage door-

-immediately stops when it opens-

….H-Hey.. dad…


Issac. Has your stutter returned since we’ve been gone? And what happened to your mouth…?

W-Wha- I mean… no. -clears throat- No. I’m fine. It’s… good to finally see you again. At home.

It’s good to see you, too, Issac. Your mother is getting her things from the car; she insists that it cannot wait until morning.

I.. I see. Same as always, I guess… -steps aside finally to let him in-

-smiles nervously and extends his hand once Issac’s father is inside-

Hello, Mr. Inkwell. It’s nice to meet you again. 

are you nervous about meeting his parents?

Extremely. I mean his mom seemed to take Issac coming out pretty well over the phone. But we haven’t seen each other in years :’)

It’s a scary moment